It's how
play the game

And winning and losing do matter

Professional Development Seminars and Workshops

exploring the orthodoxy of sport and how we pursue god’s high calling to coach.

  • Biblically-based content that explores the connection of the theology of Christian life to sport
  • Engaging dialogue to connect the transferable nature of Christ’s work to athletics
  • Practical applications to use and implement into sport specific coaching
The Coaching Pyramid
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One-on-One Mentoring and Small Group Consulting

Pursuing excellence

  • Engaging coaches where they are in their journey and helping them develop more fully their view of what God requires of the call to coaches
  • Connecting coaches in practical ways to pursue excellence and see the pursuit as worship
  • Helping coaches develop strategies for culture building, program development, recruiting, and day to day excellence
I am created to glorify God by obeying His call through coaching and my primary responsibility is to create the 'beautiful game' as an act of worship to Him.John Levis
Perpetual growth is a massive part of becoming who we want to be; as an individual, as a team, or even as a program. Proper growth often is produced not by adding but by uncovering. Working with John pushes me to dig, to uncover where my identity truly is. Not just my identity but where I want the identity of my program to be.”
Men’s Soccer Coach, University of Valley Forge

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“As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:1

Glorifying God and Experiencing Joy Through Sports

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